Wednesday, January 7, 2009


“May you live, eat, work, sleep in peace;
Walk, run, garden in peace;
Speak, listen, breathe in peace.
Decide: ‘I choose peace from now on.’

Miles Kierson

Perhaps like you I am blessed with wonderful friends and family who communicate during the holiday season with positive wishes for the New Year. I received this one from friend and management consulting guru Miles Kierson and since it resonated so strongly with my deepest aspirations, I thought I’d share it with you.

Peace is an elusive state for many of us. It is hoped for, strived for and challenging to create on a consistent basis. My little joke – and not a joke – is that if you want to find the biggest population density of angry people, join a peace organization in Boulder, Colorado.

Peace, it seem to me, must begin with each of us. It comes from eliminating those attitudes, beliefs and actions that lead us away from peace and toward celebrating those events, people, thoughts and environments that help bring out of us our best, our most peaceful state.

With sincere wishes for peace in your life and for our world in 2009,


1 comment:

mkierson said...

Thank you, Robert, for putting this in your blog, and for the nice things you said.

An old friend who I sent this to sent me back an apparent "gotcha", saying how about when you are having sex. It's an interesting consideration, actually, and I don't see it as a ridiculous notion.

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