Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Denial, Self-deception and Rationalization

“All human beings have an innate propensity for denial, self-deception and rationalization. Some of us are at war with this dangerous proclivity, and some of us are trying to get a PhD.”

Douglas Bell

My friend Doug Bell has been a successful entrepreneur and has lived a lifelong personal development commitment. Recently I’ve noticed that he has been slowly but surely moving from student to teacher and sharing his life lessons with others. Fortunately, I’m included as both a friend and as an eager learner.

I like this quote from Doug a lot, especially the distinction indicated that we have a choice. We have the opportunity, even the obligation, to examine our current reality with more rigor and insight. What is really true about our “Self” … note the capital “S” … what’s really true about our family, our work, our community and our institutions? Is our life journey leading toward more awareness, more compassion, more positive action? Or, as another friend colorfully says, are we “engaged in a headlong dash toward Hell?”

Personal growth guru Byron Katie’s famous “Four Questions” (useful when looking at an issue in our lives) begins with “Is it true?” As we confront and move through the increasing changes in our lives, we’ll have the opportunity to ask “what’s true” and, when that discovery process is complete, make infinitely better choices.


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denese said...

Oh your quote is too funny!

Love you Robert.

From this PhD;