Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are You Really Ready to Learn?

“Personally, I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught."

Winston Churchill

Ahhhh Sir Winnie, your wit and wisdom always seem to touch me at the heart level...and your words often make me a bit uncomfortable with their inherent truth.

I know it’s my ego, my identity as a “know-it-all” that gets in the way; yet that bit of self knowledge doesn’t seem adequate to disappear my resistance to “being taught.”

These times of rapidly accelerating changes in families, careers and the economy call for constant learning, for constant re-invention. What’s your take on why we sometimes resist being taught?

True confessions (and hopefully some insight) can be shared by commenting.

I look forward to the dialogue!

With love and respect,


1 comment:

jhubbel said...

The other night I signed up for a personal trainer as a birthday gift to my 57-year old self. Being a long time fitness freak, I am a little skeptical of a twenty-something kid telling me what to do, and I grilled him about his credentials. Then it struck me that I was being arrogant. A lot has changed in the fitness field, in the areas of exercise science, diet and nutrition, and this "kid" had training in those area that I didn't. It was time to sit that part of me down and be open, soft and curious- and learn. In all areas of my life this year I had committed to grow, by taking courses in software, by taking on a new line in business, and this was just one more area to stretch. Taking the know it all stance is a good way to not only look like an asshole but also to stop all learning in its tracks. In order to be a lifelong student it's great to remember that age and experience may indeed be teachers, but so can twenty- somethings with updated credentials.

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