Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Are Your Priorities?

“...we continue to spend fortunes on an stupefying array of distractions supposedly designed to make us happier than Liz Taylor at a wedding: Cosmetics that contain everything from the placenta of unborn goats to a pound of pig fat mixed with volcanic ash and “19 secret ingredients from the rain forest”; diet products to remove mountains of blubber gained by stuffing ourselves because we are so damn miserable, and miserable because we are so horribly fat; cosmetic surgery in every place from facial to other cheeks; mind-numbing cruises to paradise; luxury boats that never leave their luxury marinas; hard drugs; soft drugs; alcohol; anti-depressants; uppers; downers; frenetic gambling to hit the big time; jewelry that is too expensive to wear; image marriages destined to last all of six months; mink-lined designer toilet seats; lottery tickets; tobacco products we know w! ill kill us; and billions of tons of electronic and plastic and toxic junk that add nothing to our lives and create only clutter, pollution and landfill.”

from “Living an Extraordinary Life” by Robert White

As always, I don’t comment on quotes from my book. While I’m capable of being self-indulgent, I don’t do so consciously!

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