Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trust or Be Wary: It's a Choice

"From a pragmatic point of view, the difference between living against a background of foreigness (an indifferent Universe) and one of intimacy (a benevolent Universe) means the difference between a general habit of wariness and one of trust."

William James, “Pluralistic Universe”

These words deserve careful examination and reflection. Wouldn’t you rather live a life of trust rather than one of wariness? When I speak with friends recently, there is an acknowledgement that we increasingly live in a world where we must be “on guard,” turning up and preparing our senses for the next relationship or business deal or investment to go wrong.

For me, all of this argues for consciously choosing our environment—work, friends, politics, even family—carefully. All too often we fall into an unconscious series of choices about who and what is in our personal environment that put a positive, trusting energetic state at risk; we make choices that serve to gradually erode our trust and increase our anxiety and stress.

Isn’t it time for Spring cleaning?

With love and respect,


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