Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Of Course "You're Right!"

“Our attitudes, opinions, beliefs and judgments are, simply put, our attitudes, opinions, beliefs and judgments. They are not universal truths.”

from “Living an Extraordinary Life” by Robert White

I received some feedback in my recent reader survey that objected to my practice of not commenting whenever I quote myself. So here goes...

Our attitudes, opinions, beliefs and judgments are, simply put, our attitudes, opinions, beliefs and judgments. They are not universal truths.

Alright, I admit I’m being a bit snarky here but I really did say what I wanted to say when I wrote the book. (available signed and inscribed at

This thought is connected to one of the most commented on chapters in “Living an Extraordinary Life,” the one about our overwhelming need to “be right.” It’s a relationship and team accomplishment killer which gets in the way of success at every level.

Complaints and comments welcome by commenting below!

With love and respect,


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Bud said...

Good morning Robert, Thanks for this important reminder. Apparently we both "teach what we need to learn" - since we both have a burning desire to be right! :) Perhaps you could convey this message to the political players in Washington and we could make some progress breaking down the intractable divide between Conservatives and Liberals ( your favorite topic of debate ) What do you think? with love and respect, Bud

jim hyatt said...

As you know, we both admire the 'Work' of Byron Katie. From that perspective, I read this post and think that our desire to be RIGHT!!, along with our opinions and, frankly, our arrogance, arises from the ongoing story in our heads - that narrative we keep telling ourselves about our life, and believing what we're saying! As if we had any idea.

So, as Katie might say, "What would our lives be like if we simply stopped believing our opinions?" Had them, but didn't buy into them?


Robert White said...


I'm immediately struck by your premise--that the divide between Conservatives and Libersls should be broken down. Is that really a good idea? Don't people with widely diverging views need to be free to broadcast those positions and enroll the "broad middle" if they can?

My experience of "compromise" in recent years is that Liberals define it as "cave in to my unilaterally declared position utilizing none of your ideas."

For me, the issue is mutual respect for widely divergent views -- something sadly lacking in Washington and elsewhere -- and let's see whose views attract the most support.


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