Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mad a Few Mistakes Lately?

“Everything we enjoy in society is a direct result of the accumulated learning derived from millions of mistakes. No mistakes, no progress. Yet we still look at making a mistake as embarrassing, wrong, an act bordering on sin. If you’re making mistakes, it means you’re doing new things, taking risks, stretching yourself. You’re growing, learning. And isn't the journey, the experience, not the destination, what life is all about?”

from “Living an Extraordinary Life”
by Robert White

My practice is to refrain from commenting on quotes from my book! Of course, you can comment below.

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Vachine said...

Vontext important here. In a Compliance organization, like the Marines, mistakes are punished--fix the blame. That's how battles are won. In the Learning organization--fix the problem, not the blame rules and it's disloyal not to share mistakes so everyone can learn.

jhubbel said...

Mistakes teach humility. Without humility there is no humanity. Without humanity there is no understanding who we really are or can be in God's eyes,and in each others'. By definition mistakes make us who we are.

Bud said...

Hello Robert, We share a deep appreciation for our association with John Denver and the Windstar Foundation. As you know Bucky Fuller was on our advisory board and was fond of reminding us there was no such think as "Trial and Error" - in other words there is no such thing as "a mistake". Bucky would say: "there is only trial and learning"!

THought you'd enjoy that reminder. Cheers, Bud

Anonymous said...

For me, this is the best quote you have sent over the past year. (and not because I know you). Makes me think that you might have more impact on your readers by excerpting your own words of wisdom (contrasted with wisdom of others). This can be a challenge, I’m sure. Maybe a few come right to the surface for you. When those are “exhausted” maybe ask a few people what you’ve said in the past or written in your book that has impacted them in their life.

Critiquing my own idea, I can’t say that there is something that you’ve written that’s moved me; it’s been our conversations, and most of all, your presence. I don’t know how to capture this stuff in writing. Maybe stories of significant learning moments in your life that you’d like to share.

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