Wednesday, February 25, 2009


“True masters report that the key to success is an "attitude of gratitude." Being grateful for what we have, rather than focusing on what we lack, is the key to well being and abundant living.”

Paul Schnabel

While I’ve not done the research, I believe the most common theme in three years of these Extraordinary Minutes is “Gratitude.”

Amazing, wonderful...even EXTRAORDINARY things happen when we pause to be grateful. Plus it just plain feels so good to see what happens when you express appreciation to the people in your life.

A useful tool I’ve been using to remind me of the power of gratitude is the on-line SendOutCards service. I notice that because I’m paying a small monthly fee (whether I use the service or not!), I am sending more snail mail cards acknowledging people and thanking them for their many contributions to my life. I then “get my money’s worth” and positively impact the important people in my life: family, friends and clients. If you’d like more information, just hit reply and I’ll introduce you to Karen Saunders, my Send Out Cards person.

I’m grateful to you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings on a regular thank you!

Be extraordinary!


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