Monday, July 7, 2008

Robert highly recommends Alan Parisse to Aspiring Public Speakers

The Speaking Intensive with Alan Parisse

August 8-9, 2008

Be prepared. Sharpen your skills.

Discover in yourself the single, most
important thing you don't share with

Only you can WOW your audience by
being YOU and claim the result.

1 or 1000? Makes no difference when
you present your ideas, products and
yourself authentically.

Leave your competitors behind.


Register NOW.

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"When a dog barks, the WHOLE dog barks!"

Eighteen years of public speaking later, I realize it's not my Powerpoint, it's my personal power. Alan brought all of "me" into my presentations. It's the best training I've experienced in my career, without exception"

Jerome Merchant, Managing Dir., RSM EquiCo Capital Markets, LLC

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