Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's Express Some ENTHUSIASM !!!

“Generating enthusiasm (from the Greek en theos -- with God) intellectually is challenging because God or spirit can only be experienced, not understood.”

Robert White

Long time readers of Extraordinary Minutes know that I’m a big fan of enthusiasm being fully expressed. It engages your body, mind and spirit and puts you in the ideal resource state for living an extraordinary life.

I did a radio interview about leadership recently and was asked about leading during a time of economic contraction. My theme included the need for more “cheerleading” by leaders and I was challenged by the host’s limiting belief that “not everyone is wired to be a cheerleader.”

I was probably more abrupt than he expected from a guest when I said, “how the leader is wired may be a reality but it is insufficient as an excuse. Leading is as much about energy as anything else and sharing your enthusiasm for your role, your family, your community or nation – YOUR LIFE – is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone. Plus sometimes it’s an obligation of leadership.”

Please share your perspective on enthusiasm and even any favorite excuses for “being cool” by commenting below.

With love and respect,


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