Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Circle of Life

“Look around you. The trees, flowers, birds, every animal and insect; every living thing. It’s miraculous. And it is all going to die. You will too, and so will all of those you love. The time will come when you will have to say good-bye to people. You don't know when. It could be tomorrow or next week. Yet, we live as if it will never happen. We get angry with our children or our partner, then leave for the day or longer, forgetting that if something terrible were to befall them, our last words would have been words of resentment and frustration, not love. And we would have to find a way to live with that.”

from “Living an Extraordinary Life”
by Robert White

I acknowledge this is a bold statement. I meant it when I wrote it and still do. Your responses are actively solicited -- comment below!

With love and respect,


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Heather Browning said...

So true! I've been really focusing in with my kids about how you never know when the last day of your life is. How do you want to spend it? What is the line in a famous song..."Live like you were dying?" Everyday it is our opportunity to see how we are showing up in life with our words and our actions. Thanks for the post!