Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Truth and Consequences

”The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.”

Gloria Steinem

The language is a little “raw” however the woman knows how to make a point.

About a million years ago a formative experience in my life was attending the Mind Dynamics seminar and eventually becoming President of the company. One of many learnings from MDI founder and my teacher, the late Alexander Everett, was that “awareness is a bitch.”

I know, I know …. more inappropriate language.

One of our many choices in life is whether we are willing, on a moment to moment basis, to tell the truth about our current reality. After any possible irritating moment, the truth will, in fact, set you free.

When coaching leaders, I notice that one of the ways I best serve them is when I help them see their truth, their organization’s current reality. It is, as daughter Alicia says, “way fun.”

What’s your truth for the moment? Let us know with your comments below!

With love and respect,



lionine said...

I added a slight addition based on my experience:

"The Truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off and break your heart."

On the other hand, it's worth going through that to realize The Truth.

heater said...

Truth is a very interesting thing. Sometimes it feels like it contradicts our "see your life as if you already have" personal mastery mantra. One can see his/her life "as if" and yet, sorry but the truth is you have no idea how your rent will be paid next month. At this point I'm not feeling so set free....but then again the truth IS the starting point is it not?

Robert White said...

Clearly I have the most intelligent readers of my blog! At least that's "my truth."

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