Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unlimited Gifts vs. Limiting Beliefs

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


“It is no failure to fall short of all you might dream. The failure is to fall short of dreaming all that you might realize.”

Dee Hock

It’s a “two for one” Extraordinary Minute!

Long time readers know that I’ve previously used the quote from Dee Hock (founding CEO of Visa). When I found the Confucian quote, it seemed appropriate to use both of them—kind of two sides of the same coin.

My work with many thousands of people in Lifespring, ARC International and now Extraordinary People has taught me much and left me wondering about even more.
One of those questions is “why do otherwise extraordinary people with unlimited gifts limit themselves in terms of vision and commitment?”

I know of the power and role of limiting beliefs and there seems to be much more “in our way.” If you have some thoughts on this subject, I’d love to hear them.

With love and respect,



Colin G said...

Robert- You asked for feedback about how there is so much "in our way", or at least how we allow our limiting beliefs to embrace that notion when it comes to achieving personal success - or not. When I think about all the stuff that gets "in our way" to keep us from reaching - or dreaming goals, I am personally motivated by something I once heard from a successful businessman and speaker named Bill Bartmann. Success, or the lack thereof, Bartmann says, comes from a lack of self-esteem. Here's how he came to that conclusion: To be successful, you have to take risks. Most people are afraid to take risks because they're afraid they'll fail. They're afraid of failing because they worry what others will think of them and they worry about what others think about them because others' opinions are the source of their self-esteem. If we were less afraid of what others thought of us, we'd be less afraid of failing and more willing to take risks and, statistically, in a better position to achieve success, even if after several failures. To live the extraordinary life that you promote, we need to truly get our self-esteem from ourselves and if we don't have it from that one valid source, we need to find a way to get it there. That, I think is the basis of your mission!

Robert White said...

I love simple, logical and powerful advice! I have many faults however a strength that I've somehow developed is that beyond the normal desire to be liked, I'd much rather be respected. This seems to free me to take risks and live my commitments.

Part of my personal purpose includes moving others along that path. Thanks for the wonderful post!

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